Posted: 2 months ago

Nina's Art Room Added Georgian Ornaments to Its Easter Decorations

The founder of Nina's Art Room says that the decoration of the Easter holiday has become much more refined and popular than in previous years, hence the demand for Easter table or corner decorations has increased.

'''I have been working on Easter decorations for the last few years, the items are handmade, and the main material is polymer clay, as well as other mixed materials. Due to the increase in demand, this year I offered a diverse collection to the customer, although making handmade items requires a lot of hard work, I tried to offer items in all price categories.

It is important news that I have included Georgian elements in the works, for example, the ornaments of the "Georgian Blue Table". Items can be purchased both online and in Saburtalo City Mall, "said Nino Shakiashvili.

The brand cooperates with various online stores and has orders from abroad, both retail and corporate.

For reference, Nina’s Art Room offers customers different styles of jewelry and accessories made of polymer clay, as well as themed and festive souvenirs. The uniqueness of the items lies in the fact that each detail is processed by hand without molds, using different techniques.