Posted: 3 years ago

New Startup Lacoaj Provides Retro and Contemporary Clothes Shirts Representing Abkhazia

"I was walking on the coast of Mtkvari with my bicycle, and I was wearing California-branded shirt when I suddenly, out of nowhere wished Sokhumi shirts to exist and someone, beyond the ocean, would wear it with the cool feeling I had at that time. My goal is everyone to know that Sokhumi is the part of Georgia and it has just as great shore and sea, as California or other cities have. I wish that young people who are not inflicted with this pain and they only feel the loss with the knowledge, wore shirts representing Abkhazia with the pride. From my side, this is the attempt to transfer the problem of Abkhazia being occupied in daily life. We should never forget that Abkhazia is Georgia and fighting for the territories is worth.", said Nika Mikava, who created startup named Lacoaj.

They see Lacoaj as a Fast Fashion brand, which will meet new seasons with new collections. Lacoaj aims to make shirts representing Abkhazia popular and tradable worldwide. 

They create several designs every week and therefore, choose, which is the best. They specially sew and compose different models of shirts for every design. Then they are printed with high quality, where the colors should be bright and different.

"We make a big effort to create a high-quality product both for local and international market."