Posted: 2 years ago

New Jam Producer Company Appears on Market

"VerVelevi" is the name of the new company founded by Maka Metreveli.

As she noted, the company will primarily produce 2,500 jars of jam. The product will be sold on Abashidze Street, at "Likas Sakonditro". Therefore, Maka plans to promote jam in tourist zones. The price will be between 7 and 15 GEL.

"We have not only traditional but also non-traditional jams. In total, 20-22 types of jams, for instance: Peach with peppers, raspberry with rose and grapes with walnuts. I decided to make lemon with ginger in the winter season and I also planned to promote Georgian quince jam to consumers. The price of jams is determined by the size of jars and used ingredients.", noted the founder of "VerVelevi".

About difficulties in Business Maka Metreveli stated that the hardest part in business is to receive maximized result with minor investments.

"The difficult part is to receive maximum with the small investment and simultaneously keep the quality high. Hence, I am doing everything on my own - from buying the fruits and preparing them to labeling the finished jams.", explained Metreveli.