Posted: 1 year ago

New Georgian Startup WIGGLY Expands its Services

Wiggly - a personal AI assistant, aka bot, provides pet owners with information on veterinary and general care. However, as the founders of the startup say, in the near future the bot will also provide users with information on nutrition and various service providers.

In the startup, they also talk about the growing demand in the local market and explain that in the 1 month since Wiggly started operating, more and more people are interested in their innovation every day.

"Wiggly is a unique product with its services. A similar AI bot has never been seen in Georgia before. That's why Wiggly consulted dozens of people in the first days after the outbreak.

The feedback is very positive, even though we have not done any marketing activities. Today, Wiggly has already conducted about 300 consultations," says Tornike Chountishvili, co-founder of Wiggly.

As a reminder, Wiggly is a new innovative Georgian product - a personal AI assistant, the same as a bot for pet owners. He provides veterinary consultations, which involves making a tentative diagnosis based on symptoms.

In addition, it also provides guidance on general care, be it vaccinations, training, etc. The chatbot manages all this by using a special questionnaire, which collects personal data about the animal and provides the user with the necessary information in the shortest possible time.