Posted: 5 months ago

Natural Soaps made in Bolnisi Exporting to Dubai

"Dema" Georgian natural soaps may be sold in the Dubai market soon.

As the founder of "Dema" Maia Devnozashvili tells, besides Dubai, Japan is also interested. 

"Our products are sold in tourist shops. Demand in the local market is high, however, I think more active advertising is needed.

As for the export direction, we have sent samples in Dubai and we will probably be able to send the product soon. Japan is also ineterested in us," said the founder of Dema.

"Dema" offers 32 types of soap made from natural ingredients to the market since 2016. In addition, there are various self-care products in production, including hair conditioner, facial cleanser. The product, the price of which ranges from 8-14 GEL, is made in a small enterprise in Bolnisi and is also sold online and various tourist shops.