Posted: 1 year ago

Modern Technologies in Delivery Service- GITA's Winning Startup DeliverOn

Startup DeliverOn won 100,000 GEL grant from the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency.

The aim of the project is to simplify and completely change the management of the last and most expensive phase of the supply chain using modern technologies. Giorgi Darsavelidze, the founder of DeliverOn, talks to Business Partner about his future plans.

"We gather all courier service companies on our platform, as well as our platform is used by people who trade online, it does not matter if it is the food industry or retail. The innovation of DeliverOn is that with the algorithm-based system, we offer the best price of the delivery service to the companies from our base at a specific moment. Therefore, they do not have to cooperate with only one delivery company, ”said Giorgi Darsavelidze.

Through DeliverOn, companies have the opportunity to register their couriers on the platform, after which both the buyer and the seller will be able to follow the delivery process. Also, freelance couriers can register, who will offer services to customers at an even lower price. There is a separate application for cooperation with them, where orders will be received, orders will be evaluated and orders will be distributed according to rating, however, couriers with low ratings will no longer be able to work.

"We will use the GITA grant to improve the platform, develop the algorithm and cover the marketing costs. In the future, we plan to cross the borders of Georgia, enter the regional market and then to Central European countries. Global companies such as GLOVO, WOLT, UBER and others will help us in this. Their service code is the same all over the world, which makes it easier to enter the region and not have to integrate and incur additional costs to enter another country's market.

The experience gained during the grant competition will help us to present our startup correctly, the process was very fruitful and gave us the right directions and hints, however we did not change the content of the product. So far, the investment in the project is $ 140,000, "said the founder of DeliverOn.

The Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology (GITA) announced its sixth co-financing grant program under the National Innovation Ecosystem (GENIE) project on November 17, 2020 for the sixth time. Out of 303 applications, 20 winning companies were named by the Investment Committee, staffed by high-level international venture investors Marvin Liao, Jonathan Tower, Tim Wagner, Anil Gejuan, Shalva Daushvili.

95 startups have already been funded under the five rounds of the co-financing grant program.