Posted: 5 months ago

MIT RESIDENR Resident Angel Investor to Meet Georgian Investors at BTU

In order to strengthen the culture of investing in Startups, BTU plans to hold a master class for MIT resident Angel investors.

As part of the event that will be held at BTU by the global startup foundation in May 2021, Jean Hammond will hold a special master class for Georgian investors and startups. Jean Hammond is an active Angel investor, who owns the highest award of the US Startup ecosystem– the Hans Severin's Award. He has founded the world’s one of the major accelerators LearnLaunch, Edinno, Quarry Technologies, and AXON Networks. With a 20-year experience of making investments in high-technology startups, he is a member of Launchpad Venture Group and Hub Angels and has many other important activities.

Attending masterclasses in the MIT entrepreneurial network of BTU will be free of charge for all registered startups and investors. The topic of masterclasses is how to finance early startups, commercialize and develop international markets. The global startup foundation was founded at BTU in partnership with Israel’s Silicon Valley Angel Investors. Today, the foundation unites investors from the USA, various European countries, and now from Georgia too. The foundation was supported by the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). TBC Startuper is the partner of the foundation that has created a special investment loan for promoting access to finances for startups.