Posted: 1 year ago

LIZA’S CREAMS – New Georgian Cosmetics Brand

Liza’s Cream produces face care products of natural ingredients. The products are made by the company owner Liza Zazadze herself.

Ten years ago I stopped using chemical face care products and decided to make natural face care products myself. This undertaking became an additional source of income amid the pandemic, Liza Zazadze said. ‘When starting this undertaking, I had no plans to do business. Though, the pandemic dictated me to launch a new business. Thus, I created a Facebook page for the introduction and sales of my handmade products. I produce body care products of 100% natural and precious ingredients such as day and night humidifier, nutrients, lifting cream, acne treatment products, eye cream, hair strengthening oil, cosmetic cream-soap and other products”, Liza Zazadze said.

The price of the products depends on the specific ingredients. Prices range from GEL 35 to GEL 80. The company uses honey candles, cocoa butter, cocoa oil, grapes husks, avocado, almond and wheat oil, collagen, and various vitamins. “I prepare creams with my experience that I have collected for many years. I always try to satisfy customer expectations and needs. My products are for girls and women from 15 to 70 years old. Men also use my products”, Liza Zazadze noted.

As for future plans, the company plans to expand the business and add the line of body care products, open a store. Before, Liza’s Cream products are sold in digital format. Delivery services are available all over Georgia. The project was implemented by private investments.