Posted: 5 years ago

Leta- Jams Made by Grandmother’s Recipe

Two years ago the new production of ecologically clean and natural jams appeared on the Georgian market. The original recipe of grandmother became a form of inspiration for its founder to produce jams without preservatives and supplements. Marketer had an interview with Tamar Atuashvili:

Where and when did you come up with the idea of creating “Leta”?

The idea of creating Leta came up two years ago, in August when my friend and I were resting in my village. At that time, my mother prepared a jam of currant with my grandmother’s recipe and put it in small, beautiful jars. We opened one during the breakfast and were so excited by Jam’s aromas and gelatin-like cones that we immediately got the idea of making jams more vibrant. To date, black currant jam remains as an inspiration to create Leta.

What products do you produce and offer to customers?

We create natural fruit jams without artificial additives. It is worth mentioning the berries (currant, raspberries, cranberries). Our products are distinguished by the unique live aroma and the natural gelatin structure. We offer Georgian natural products prepared with recipes for years.

What material and technology do you use to prepare them?

For preparing our jams, fruit is softened, mainly in the form of processed (without curry or cortex), sugar and grandmother recipe, which I leave behind secretly.