Posted: 6 months ago

Kombinizona Launched the First Pregnancy and Lactation Adapted Clothing Line in Georgia

"Kombinizona" is the first business in Georgia, which sews functional clothes for women, children, adolescents, unisex, adaptive, designer, pregnant and fully adapted to lactation with architecture of unique colors.

Customers tried on and fell in love with the Kombinizona very soon. The Bank of Georgia financed the development of the enterprise with 50,000 GEL.

The first clothing line of the innovative garment factory, based on color research, Kombinizona appeared on the market for the first time in 2018. 

With the funding from the Bank of Georgia, the production of the first maternity and adaptive clothes in Georgia has continued operation with its own equipment, an expanded team and an increased supply of raw materials.

The focus of the brand is to change the social environment for the better and make everyday life easier for people. All the collections of Kombinizona are distinguished by very loud accents and a sincere message box.

From 2020, Kombinizona has become an even more successful business. Increased production, employed an additional 50 women. The comfortable clothes adapted for lactation from the maternity line of Kombinizona deserved special approval. These are 100% natural pajamas, coats, sports and classic kits for maternity mothers, maternity jackets, overalls and a skin-to-skin contact line.

Kombinizona's collection is invited to many showrooms and exhibitions. The company is currently working on a new collection of the brand to export.

Also in progress is a unique waste management platform that has no analogues in the world and equally integrates both private companies and parents of persons with disabilities, small enterprises and large successful companies.

For people with disabilities, the brand has partnered with McGeorgia to create a series of exclusive raincoats to help wheelchair users break stereotypes and be able to walk on the street in rainy weather.

A separate website for the Kombinizona pregnancy line will be launched at the request of users, along with independent social channels, as the brand expands and shares completely new experiences for mothers and future mothers through Kombinizonamoms