Posted: 1 year ago

Kirke - Georgian Cosmetics Brand Gaining Popularity Among Foreign Tourists

The Georgian company "Kirke" has been producing handmade soaps and cosmetics since 2020, offering a variety of products without a base.

According to the founder, Nana Tavkhelidze, the brand produces dozens of products, including natural soaps, personal care products, and a medical line. Tavkhelidze, who is a pharmacist by profession, creates these products from scratch, ensuring that they have high-quality compositions.

One of the brand's most innovative products is its shampoo paste, which is produced only by "Kirke" and is a first in Georgia. The founder emphasizes the importance of using both local and imported raw materials in production. While the brand uses Georgian raw materials such as olive oil, essential oils, and citrus fruits, some exotic materials that are not available in the local market need to be imported.

According to Tavkhelidze, the production of personal care products in Georgia faces certain difficulties, as sales largely depend on foreign tourists. Handmade products tend to be more expensive, and the advantages of using them are not widely known in Georgia. The company actively participates in various business exhibitions and sales events, focusing on tourists. The sales are usually unstable, with higher sales during the tourist season, such as December. Tavkhelidze suggests that allocating spaces for Georgian entrepreneurs in tourist areas throughout the city would be beneficial for the brand and other small businesses.

"Kirke" received a 20,000 GEL grant from "Produce Georgia" three years ago to purchase the inventory needed to start production. The brand has grown since then, with monthly sales of at least 3000 GEL.