Posted: 2 years ago

Kangaru Created a B2B Marketplace to Simplify Supply Chain

Kangaru is a B2B marketplace that connects restaurants, hotels and cafes with their suppliers and also simplifies the product ordering process.

The founder and CEO of the startup, Luka Khundadze, explains to "Business Partner" that the goal of the project is to simplify the supply chain.

"The ordering process with traditional methods requires a lot of time and energy because it is necessary to call all the suppliers one by one, which requires about 4 hours a day. On our platform, the customer can put all the products in one basket, which will then be automatically sorted. As for the payment, it will be possible on the platform itself, and the amount of commission we receive will depend on the product category.

I would like to mention that the web platform as well as the mobile application are ready and will be launched in the second half of August. The private investment in the project amounts to 15,000 GEL, and we have obtained 150,000 GEL funding from the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), which will be spent mainly on finding suppliers and buyers, as well as on setting up the process," says Luka Khundadze.

The startup has preliminary agreements with up to 10 companies, and agreements have already been signed with almost 50 restaurants.

"We think we will be able to take up half of the Georgian market by the end of this year. Next year, we will enter three countries, two of which I can name with precision, these are Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the third, most likely, will be some Eastern European country," - says Kangaru 's founder and CEO.