Posted: 1 year ago

Iweareco Launches its First Eco-Friendly Collection with Traditional Dyes

A new eco-friendly clothing brand called Iweareco is set to launch its first multifunctional collection for the spring-summer season. The Georgian startup "Colors of the Caucasus" is behind the brand, which uses local traditional dye recipes restored and modernized for the modern fashion industry.

Initially, the company collaborated with well-known Georgian brands to create natural clothes, but the experience gained from those collaborations led to the creation of their own line. Iweareco's clothing is already selling successfully and at high prices in concept stores in Ibiza, America, and Canada.

"We are excited to bring our first multifunctional spring-summer collection to the market this year, and we are also working on men's hoodies and t-shirts. Soon, we will begin production of bed linen," says Nino Ioseliani, the founder of Iweareco.

Since 2019, "Colors of the Caucasus" has been dyeing natural fabrics like silk, cotton, and shawl with medicinal plants, flowers, and minerals such as Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Enduro roots, and Geranium.