Posted: 1 year ago

Irakli Kashibadze on Georgia Getting in 2nd Place in BIGSEVENTTRAVEL Rating

The former chairman of the Innovation and Technology Agency and the founder of Startup Factory calls Georgia's second place in the ranking an important fact.

As Irakli Kashibadze told "Business Partner", this is an interesting trend for those who are connected with startups and new technologies. According to him, attention to Georgia is observed all over the world, which is confirmed by the fact that in one of the most popular TV series Silicon Valley, Georgia, and specifically Tbilisi is mentioned as a place where there are all the conditions to work remotely. 

"International IT specialists arrive in Georgia, highly qualified people, in addition to resting here, work in parallel. In this process, it is important to identify people and make suggestions to them, if they wish, to be involved in the development of Georgia's innovation ecosystem, and in the process of turning Georgia as the capital of innovation in the region. The challenge in the case of Georgia is the lack of staff. It is very good to introduce a law related to benefits, as well as the Innovation Agency has started training IT specialists, but there is even more work to be done, because all startups depend on specialists, ”said Irakli Kashibadze.

According to Kashibadze, it is important to establish a financial mechanism, as the number of applications in recent competitions by the Innovation Agency has increased almost 3 times and the number of grants awarded has remained the same.

"Now more than 300 applications are submitted, before this number was 112. This difference is balanced, because these people are interested in developing an innovative business and we should not miss this opportunity, ”said Kashibadze.

We would like to remind you that according to the survey of, Georgia took the 2nd place among the best countries in the world, from where foreign citizens can work remotely.