Posted: 1 year ago

Irakli Kashibadze: 2020 was Sccessful Year for UG Startup Factory

According to Irakli Kashibadze, the founder of UG Startup Factory, 2020 turned out to be a very successful year for the company.

"We were implementing the program online. As you know, projects are presented in English. We use the 500 Startups format and it is important that we are the first to start using this style.

We have added a personal skills and qualities development module as well as a pre-acceleration program. In the first part, we help a specific person to form an idea, develop creativity and critical thinking in order to acquire the necessary skills for an entrepreneur. In the second part, work is underway to refine the product. We are cooperating with GITA among them, in the sense that the project that is being accelerated is applying for a mini (GEL 15,000) grant.

The number of international investors watching the process has also increased. The University of Georgia Foundation, as before, will now select projects and fund them. The university has already funded 6 projects within the Startup Factory, ”said Irakli Kashibadze.

UG Startup Factory is an innovation center based on the University of Georgia and offers space rental, free consulting, educational activities and other services to companies.