Posted: 1 year ago

Investo Helped Startups Raise around $ 2 Million by 2021


INVESTO is a start-up focused investment advisory company who supported 110 start-ups to raise over USD 8,000,000.

2021 turned out to be quite a busy year for Investo - 35-40 startups were added to the company's portfolio.

"It should be noted that we have helped successful startups such as Payze, Kvalifika and B2C to obtain a 650,000 GEL GITA grant. The case of CITYPAY.IO was also successful - the company won a 100,000 GEL grant from GITA and raised an additional $ 500,000 with our Valuation," said David at MVP.

It is noteworthy that by 2021, with the help of Investo, startups have been able to raise a total of about $2 million in investment.

According to David, Investo is still in the growth phase, so the plans for 2022 include, first of all, the development of a marketing strategy. In addition, the company aims to improve the platform, which also includes the automation of certain important services.

"Investo will connect investors and startups more automatically and institutionally. We also want to have more local or foreign partners," said David.