Posted: 7 months ago

Ikiru- Georgian Brand of Modernized Asian Clothes

Ikiru, a new startup that was not intimidated by the challenges that country's facing and, despite the total closure of stores, opened in a pandemic. Ikiru offers designs that are becoming more and more interesting.

Kimono, Haori, Yukata, Qipao, Cheongsam, zhongyi, Hanfu This is a small list of traditional garments that are gradually becoming an important part of the new brand. The authors of the idea decided to create a design with small details of tradition and national clothing that would be convenient everywhere, always and at the same time impressive.

''Ikiru was not originally a financially planned and conceptually designed project. It was a more experimental shop, and in principle it is to this day, since we are focused more on learning and development than on commercial gain. To tell you the truth, it is difficult to survive in the market with this reality, but the fact is that Ikiru is growing and we are growing with it. Inspiration has become many things: literature, movies, art, fashion, cuisine. In short Japanese and Chinese culture in general. The biggest source of inspiration for me personally was Wong Kar-wai's cinematography. I would choose Eros and In the mood for love. It must be said that they are cult films for Ikiru, Ikiru itself comes from Akira Kurasava's 1952 film,''-said Ketevan Julukhadze at 

First of all, we want to not miss any interesting details that will be important to our brand and our customers. Also we start working on bags and facemasks that are inspired by the details of our collection. Also, after the end of the pandemic we plan to do a lot of acts, workshops, popularization of Japanese, Chinese cinematography, film screenings, public lectures, exhibitions, of course everything for the proper promotion of culture. We want our designs to fit people of all ages and genders. We have chosen a unique place for our showroom, the collaborative space of Valiko mansion, which is the best place to do all this. Our experimental project promises a lot of interesting, different news.