Posted: 1 year ago

Hundreds of Startups and Investors from Around the World Visit Tbilisi in September

Hundreds of startups, investors and heads of international companies from around the world will visit Tbilisi on September 1-3.

They will arrive in Georgia within the framework of the new platform The Crossroads. The purpose of this platform is to develop, strengthen and create a regional startup hub for the startup ecosystem.

According to Nikoloz Kobakhidze, the Georgian co-founder of THE Crossroads, Georgia has a great potential to establish a regional hub for startups due to its location. "One of Georgia's most important resources is its intellectual potential," Nikoloz Kobakhidze told Forbes Georgia.

Not only Georgian but also foreign startups will have the opportunity to attend and participate in THE Crossroads event. The event will be attended by companies from the Caucasus and Central Asia region, the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and more.

The event will feature an exhibition where startups will present their ideas, plans and strategies to international investors. Registration of project applicants has already started and its deadline is June 30. According to Svetal Kumar, co-founder of THE Crossroads, the startup incentive program works successfully in different countries and he is sure that the initiative of THE Crossroads will definitely be successful in Georgia as well.