Posted: 5 years ago

Hari – How does the First Georgian Application for Companion Traveler Work?

The first Georgian application for Companion Traveler has been developed, the idea author Nika Bazadze told BM.GE. The startup was introduced about 1 month ago. The application is for the drivers without commercial purposes.

Therefore, it is ruled out that taxi, minivan and minivan taxi drivers use this application, he added.

„To prevent the mentioned cases we have introduced a price policy and algorithm, which sets top and bottom price margins and the drivers are able to select prices within this range”, Bazadze said. 

This application will connect drivers and passengers travelling from one city to another, he added. 

“For example, if Sandro drives from Tbilisi to Kutaisi and he has two free seats and he would be happy to have somebody to share fuel expenses, he will upload his statement into the application, indicate the departure place and time, number of free steads, the due sum and wait for the passenger. And passengers are able to simply search desirable statements, book specific destinations and travel”, Bazadze said. 

Hari also offers several encouraging options, for example, 25 GEL fuel vouchers for every 100th driver and so on.