Posted: 1 year ago

Handmade Invitations & Wedding Accessories: Demand is Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Likuna Kotetishvili got the idea of making wedding accessories after her own wedding. Today, the company offers different types of wedding services and accessories.

"For me personally, this is a field where beauty and aesthetics are taken to the highest level. Currently, I have a workshop in my home where I make: wax candles, invitation cards, hair accessories, crowns, tiaras, best man's bracelets, boutonnieres, wedding dress hangers, various boxes, and more. I have created jewelry before and I was no stranger to needlework. However, I put all my resources into this work to make the result as perfect as possible.

Taking into account the desire and taste of the customer, we pay attention to every detail, it is quite a laborious activity," says Likuna Kotetishvili.

Accessories can only be purchased online at this stage, however, as the company says, there is a future plan to open a showroom where customers will be able to purchase on the spot. As for the prices, they depend on the customer's desire and the complexity of the work.

''Sales are normal, the pandemic has put us in front of many challenges and we are slowly returning to the old mode. Most in demand are wedding candles, bracelets and necklaces. Currently, we are two people doing everything, but according to the long-term plan, our brand will definitely become large-scale and offer more diverse services to customers. For this purpose, we will also consider participation in grant competitions," the founder of the company notes.

The company "Handmade Invitations & Wedding Accessories" was founded in 2014 with private investment.