Posted: 1 year ago

GSA Technologies Paves the Way for Sustainable and Clean Agriculture in Georgia

GSA Technologies, an ecologically clean agricultural product manufacturing company, is attracting foreign and Georgian investors with its technology of "smart aeroponics." According to the company's director, Onise Zivzivadze, negotiations are actively underway with interested parties, including American investors. However, their priority is to export the technology to the European Union.

"Smart Aeroponics" technology involves growing plants without soil, and it has already been successfully introduced in Guria and Samegrelo. In the first case, roses are grown, and in the second case, lettuce leaves are grown. The company is actively conducting experiments on various annual and perennial plants to expand the technology's potential.

What makes this technology so appealing is that it allows for a large amount of produce to be grown in a small area. For example, it is possible to harvest up to 2-3 tons of potatoes per year in just a 4 m2 panel, regardless of the season. With "smart aeroponics," the plant has its roots in the air, and it doesn't use soil, making it an incredibly versatile and eco-friendly solution.

Additionally, the company creates the technology with its automation system and all the necessary equipment, providing the software and reducing costs to make the product more affordable. As a result, "Smart Aeroponics" technology promises to revolutionize the way we think about agriculture, offering a sustainable and clean way to produce food.

It is worth noting that GSA Technologies is the first modern greenhouse producing 100% ecologically clean agricultural products in Georgia. The product obtained through "smart aeroponics" is 100% clean and ecological, free from bacteria and external space, and all sources of infection are blocked.

As the world moves towards sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly solutions, "Smart Aeroponics" technology is likely to play an increasingly important role in meeting our growing demand for healthy and eco-friendly food.