Posted: 4 months ago

Global Game Jam Georgia's Winning Team is Preparing for International Market

53 participants and 15 created games - Georgia joined Global Game Jam, this year. During the event, participants developed innovative ideas of international potential and presented them to the jury.

The largest annual gaming event took place in more than 600 locations in more than 100 countries around the world during 48 hours. The hackathon brought together thousands of contestants, helping participants introduce innovative ideas and acquire the necessary business contacts.

At the end of the Global Game Jam, the participating teams presented the created games to 8 members of the jury. The winning team was Parallax, which received the main prize - 5,000 GEL and the opportunity to participate in a global competition. Parallax members are Giorgi Chkrunishvili, Lasha Samkharadze, Gogita Shamatava and Achi Guguchia.

"We heard about the Global Game Jam about a week ago. With almost all activity stopped during the pandemic, we were delighted to hear about such a large-scale event and signed up immediately. We saw cooler projects than we could imagine. In the hackathon we took part in a team in which I played the role of graphic designer and manager, Lasha Samkharadze - our almighty artist and 2 developer, who managed the impossible in the last seconds. I have never worked on game animations and had a very fun experience. This is why it is important to take part in such events and hackathons to test yourself on issues you have not experienced before and to develop your abilities., I spent a very good and memorable 2 days and I want to thank everyone who was involved in this project. We hope we will be able to participate in this hackathon in the near future and gain new experience," said Giorgi Chkrunishvili.

The team-developed Light It Up game is based on the concept of illuminating space: There are many lifeless and dark planets in the galaxy, in which lots of light bulbs live there and illuminate them. The participant is an ordinary bulb sent to one of the planets. The player's goal is to get to its base, center, and revive/illuminate it," explains a member of the winning team.

The game developers will use this prize to develop the project and enter the international market: exactly 1 or 2 days before the launch of GameJam, we were told the good news that our studio's largest VR game "The Chewllers" will take us to Poland globally -On one of the largest conferences - Digital Dragon. This event provides an opportunity to meet with representatives of high-tech companies and accumulate business contacts. We decided to use the prize won at Game Jam to use this important case and present it to the international market, ”said Giorgi Chkrunishvili.