Posted: 1 year ago

GITA Names 20 Winner Startups for 100,000-GEL Grant Program

The Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) has named 20 startups that have won the 100,000-GEL co-funding grant program.

These startups are as follows:
• Pevaton – This platform connects western European brands (manufacturers) with small independent stores (retailers)
• On-demand delivery management platform DeliverOn – The project simplifies and entirely changes the management of the final and most expensive phase of supply chain by use of technologies.
• Bugger Bluggers – The project aims to become one of the most in-demand video games on VR market;
• ViDooFood – Innovative kitchen in Georgia and other countries of the region.
• Legalle AI – Centralized AI-based Smart search system that reduces search time for legal experts 10 times.
• VISION - Blind Environment sensory system – universal sensor system that enables the blind and persons with limited vision to get adapted with the environment.
• Cityscape Pro – revolutionary computer software that automates the greater part of the job performed by users of architectural and visual programs.
• Immune-S – biological immune modulator that is used for cancer treatments and activation of immune system.
• Portal AGRoGEORGIA – agribusiness distance management system
• autoElement – objective of the project is to establish an international company that will fundamentally change spare parts trading industry in 30 countries of the world for 5 years.
• Usoft – educational management system based on cloud technology
• Atom Kids – collection of experiments for children of various ages and suitable online application.
• Mobile Travel Guide Biliki – global space of tourism routes to assist travelers in planning tours and operators in sales of tours.
• WebApp – application for beauty centers, aesthetic centers and dentist clinics.
• House of the future – construction system that uses natural and renewable resources, eco-friendly, 100% renewable and the most healthy construction materials.
• PAYZE – space for electronic commerce representatives that ensures fastest scaling of operations through new, easily-integrated platform of payment and automative transaction schemes;
• ultra-fast UV Sterilizer – sterilizer of ultraviolet rays that protects from viruses, bacteria and microbes.
• OMOFOX – cargo management digital company
• Rare Earth Elements and Their Alloys, Nano and Micron Sized Powder Production – development and production of rare earth elements (EER) of nano and micron sizes.
• Sweeft KYC – objective of the project is to develop digital onboarding application to offer advanced technologies to users for essential reduction of operational costs.
The winner startups were selected by the investment committee staffed with professional international venture investors.