Posted: 1 month ago

GITA and Quantori Signed Memorandum of Cooperation to Develop Startup Ecosystem

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency and the company Quantori. A meeting of the company's management team was held at the Technopark, which was attended by Quantori CEO Richard Golob and other company representatives.

The aim of the cooperation between the parties is to promote the development of the startup ecosystem, especially in the field of biotechnology, so-called life science, and health information technology.

Quantori is a continuous chain supplier of complex data, technologies, and digital solutions to the biotechnology science and healthcare industry. Quantori creates and develops the latest technology systems, applications, infrastructure for biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies that accelerate the drug discovery process and help improve patient outcomes.

Quantori Partnerships aims to facilitate the discovery and development of medicines and therapies by combining in-depth scientific research with individually tailored programming approaches and algorithms. Quantori Georgia attaches special and strategic importance to the training and employment of highly qualified personnel in the field. The company provides an internship program in which all successful candidates have the opportunity to be employed in the company.