Posted: 2 years ago

Giorgi Tukhashvili Becomes Co-Founder of Kernel

Giorgi Tukhashvili became the co-founder of Kernel, a startup for simple invoicing and financial instruments. He led the company's product team, and within a year, became a shareholder.

Giorgi met Kernel's team at Startup Grind before launching the startup. The event was attended by team members to discover new opportunities, while Giorgi, as the organizer, helped startups grow and scale.

It should be noted that he has been consulting with commercial and non-commercial organizations for 5 years already. In addition, he has made a significant contribution to the growth of Startup Grind Tbilisi.

The co-founders of Kernel were aware of George's experience in the field of startups and asked for help to get the desired results quickly. In just a few months, he managed to accelerate product development and bring significant value to the company. He also contributes greatly to the development of Kernel's team culture, work processes, and methodologies.

For reference, Kernel operates in three countries - Georgia, the Philippines, and India. The startup currently has more than 30,000 registered users.

The Kernel mobile app was recently launched for the Philippines and India. For the Philippine market, in particular, an online payment functionality has been added. This is the beginning of the stage for offering banking services to customers in the coming months.