Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Students Develop Fast Charging Device – Power Bank

Georgian students Ramaz Javakhishvili and Giorgi Jikidze have developed the so-called Power Bank with the fast charging function.

Ramaz Javakhishvili told BM.Ge that the previous chargers did not have fat charging function and their small-size power bank will charge cellular phones triple times faster.

At this stage, the students have introduced only a prototype of the product. The students have already signed a contract agreement with Chinese company JLCPCB and the production of this innovation will start in several months. The price of the product will be 20 USD, Javakhishvili said.

We plan to export products to foreign markets too. This is a world-level product and the demand will be both in Georgia and worldwide”, Javakhishvili said.

The students have developed the prototype with the support of UG-Limes and invested their own savings in the project.