Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Startupers Introduce Virus-Killer Sterilizer

Georgian startupers have developed an innovative sterilizer.

Bluelight project is one of the winners of the small grants program of Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA).

The table sterilizer kills viruses, bacteria and other microbodies on small-sized things immediately. A UVC herbicide bulb of industrial power and reflectors installed on all sides ensure a 100% result in 6-12 seconds.

The synthetic quartz desk is an ultraviolet light carrier. Consequently, it is not necessary to repeatedly place a thing into the device or to turn it over.

The device was assembled by imported materials in the enterprise of GARDI.
The startup author has created 12 units by GITA grant, of which 10 ones were transmitted to the Frontier Police, customs checkpoints and other offices.

“We have created a prototype. We have to pass more difficult and hardworking phases ahead. Commercialization of the idea implies a full employment of the ultraviolet sterilization segment and make certain changes to the product for serial production”, Bluelight founder Sandro Okropiridze noted.