Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Startup to Reveal the Method of Multiplying Oil-eating Bacterium

BioCure is the new startup founded by Soso Tsabadze and Temo Rukhaia, which is the ecological method of cleaning up pollution and oil spills.

"The most ecological way of cleanup of pollution is the natural degradation, by which oil-eating bacterias start to multiply in the polluted place and neutralise toxins in the coming decades. We discovered the method, which represents the fast multiplying of oil-eating bacterias in a short period of time. The bacterias are generated in bioreactor and are poured on the polluted area in liquid form. As a result, we fasten natural degradation and instead of decades, the oil is being dispersed in several months, and with the help of the water, in a few weeks.", noted Temo Rukhaia.

The usage of this technology is expected to be practiced everywhere, where this process occurs, for instance, straight in the polluted area (In situ) or on already taken out soil or water utilization field (Ex-situ).

BioCure is efficient in the cleanup process of sand, water, underwater, and sea. It is also effective in the areas of crude oil, petrol, diesel, motor and transformer oil.

"We can easily say, that it works in almost all cases. "Almost" is conditional addition since we have not seen its incapability.", added Temo Rukhaia.

They are working with the B2B (Business for Business) model. Users are cleanup pollution companies, oil-producing, and transport companies. For instance, consumer sends us pollution samples. We find bacterias, multiply them and hand bacterias in liquid form to them. Polluted place is cleaned up by the user.

BioCure is one of the winners of Startup Georgia. As they say, BioCure was an "outsider", perhaps, the mentors of GIPA were very helpful and as a result, they occupied the first place in the final next to the startup "Qvevri".