Posted: 4 months ago

Georgian Startup Theneo Participates in the accelerator of Y-Combinator

Theneo is a recently founded Georgian startup, but is already moving forward with lightning speed. Shortly after its launch, the startup received a $ 100,000 grant from GITA, the Agency for Innovation and Technology, and is currently participating in the Y Combinator program, one of the world's largest and most well-known accelerators.

Theneo is a Georgian-American startup that creates an artificial intelligence-based platform and creates API documentation on it. Its use will be especially important for developers, although it may also be easy for non-technical team members to use. In the field of technology, the existence of a similar type of dev tool is very important and, most importantly, it is not intended only for the Georgian market, but also outside, anyone can create the necessary documentation with a few clicks.

Y Combinator  is a global accelerator program for startups that invests $ 500,000 twice a year and partners with well-known companies such as Stripe, Airbnb, Gitlab, Snapdocs, and more. Startups here get to meet big companies in three months, sharing their experiences, giving tips on how to refine their business, idea, team, and approaches. At the end of the program, a demo day will be held, at which startups will announce their projects to investors. It is an accelerator, thanks to which numerous startups have been transformed into big and successful businesses.

Startup Theneo has been participating in this acceleration program for the second month in a row, and regularly meets with interesting representatives from various organizations who share knowledge and give startup tips on how to make the business much more successful and exciting for both customers and new investors. The startup is launching the program in March, although it should be noted that several large companies have already shown interest in Theneo and are in talks with them.

Theneo platform is used in both Georgian and foreign, mainly American markets and today already has 1000 users.