Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian Startup PAYZE Enters the Uzbek Market

Georgian startup Payze will be entering the Uzbek market since November 2021.

In the first quarter of 2022, the company's services will be available in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The team currently consists of 20 people and is growing rapidly, both in terms of technology and business.
Payze started operating in January 2021 and made 250,000 online payments in 9 months. It covers 5% of the Georgian e-commerce payments market and is growing rapidly.
The company also won the GEL 650,000 grant program of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency. The grant agreement has already been signed at the Technopark.

PAYZE is a financial technology startup that aims to make it easier for any legal entity or individual to receive digital payments in exchange for the services it provides. Payze is the first startup from the region (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia) to be selected by one of the most prestigious Ycombinator (YC) acceleration programs in the world. YC, in turn, has invested in the company. Together with YC, PAYZE's list of investors unites both large venture funds and angel investors whose names are associated with achieving Unicorn status for companies. Also, PAYZE's existing investors have a direct connection to the success of companies such as Square & Twitter, Dropbox and others.