Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Startup Launches Production of Medical Textile

Partnership Fund has held a presentation of its new winner project DR. GOODS. The presentation was attended by Partnership Fund executive director David Saganelidze, the Fund representatives, medical sector representatives and the winner project authors.

For the first time in Georgia, DR. GOODS will launch production of medical textile and offer sterilized and unsterilized products for medical services.

The company will supply various medical products to the sectorю All products will be manufactured in Georgia. This is the first Georgian enterprise that will work in this direction.

Objective of the company is to supply top quality products to medical facilities, optimize supply and production timeframes, financial expenses and develop domestic production. The company’s sterilization class has been registered by L. Sakvarelidze Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

At this first stage, the company will employ 15 persons. Later the number of employees will increase. Investment volume in the new project of Startup Georgia makes up 100 000 GEL.

At this, stage Startup Georgia has already named 101 winners, including 81 business projects in innovative technologies.