Posted: 3 months ago

Georgian Startup Helio.AI Dazzles at Web Summit with Innovative HR Tech

Helio.AI, a standout Georgian startup, was recently selected as one of the top 20 startups at the prestigious Web Summit, earning a spot on the Showcase stage. Co-founder Nini Mosiashvili discussed the company's journey on the program "Women's Narrative."

"At events like the Web Summit, the value of sharing experiences and engaging in dialogue as catalysts for development becomes even more apparent. Helio.AI was featured in the startup program where we had the chance to introduce our 'Future of Work' startup and product to an engaged audience from the Web Summit stage," said Mosiashvili.

As Georgia's first innovative entry into the HR ecosystem, Helio.AI is pioneering the digitization of this sector through artificial intelligence. The platform is designed to save HR professionals time and resources, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

"Helio.AI stands out as the only recruiting system fluent in Georgian, capable of processing resumes in the local language without needing any integration. Companies can access our full system within just five minutes, allowing them to efficiently manage job openings and handle resumes," Mosiashvili explained.

The platform boasts the ability to sift through 500 job openings in just 10-15 seconds, ranking resumes by their relevance to the company's needs.

Pricing for Helio.AI's services varies based on company requirements, with a single-user price set at 570 GEL for a month's access.

Aiming to revolutionize recruitment, the Helio.AI team is focusing on highlighting soft skills, behaviors, and values in candidate profiles. They plan to use gamification to create these profiles, a concept that was presented at the Web Summit.

"We've developed a neuroscientific game where candidates spend 20 minutes in 'Wear Glasses,' a game without a definitive end, win, or loss. The player's actions cumulatively build a profile, assessing behaviors and qualities to determine how well they align with a company's culture and values," Mosiashvili added.

The Web Summit, a significant tech conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, attracted 70,000 attendees from 160 countries, including hundreds of startups and technology organizations.