Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian Startup for Taking out Household Rubbish from Apartments and Houses

New Tbilisi-based startup company PickUp provides services for taking out household rubbish from residential apartments and houses.

The startup launched operation a month ago and several residential buildings have already signed contract agreements with the company.

“About a year ago, we decided to establish a company that would alleviate rubbish management difficulties for our citizens, one the one hand, and ensure eco-friendly business, on the other hand, that would alleviate impacts of plastic products and other wastes on the environment; Our project also implies sorting and separating wastes at families”, PickUp co-founder Amiran Ananiashvili noted. Analogical projects run in the USA and Europe too, but PickUp integrates its own unique concept thanks to its innovative application. Namely, service users should pass registration in the application.

Applicants should insert their address and put their garbage in front of their apartments and houses before 9 o’clock in the morning. The wastes will be taken out within 2 hours. At this stage, only 150 users have signed contracts with the company, but the startup founders expect the figure to increase in the course of time.