Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Startup Elixir Obtained an American License

The high-tech company "Elixir" has successfully passed the control of food safety and sanitary norms in the United States and has obtained the NSF quality certificate.

"NSF is an American organization whose certification requires strict inspection procedures. Passing it allows us to communicate with customers more boldly. We are constantly trying to raise the awareness of the customers and we are carrying out various campaigns for that, "said the director of Inno Lab with Business Partner.

According to Papuna Papiashvili, the NSF certificate in the field of food and beverages confirms that the products of "Elixir" are safe for humans, animals and at the same time have disinfectant properties, which is very important in the conditions of COVID 19.

Elixir produces up to 40 different types of hygienic solutions, which are used for sanitation, disinfection and agronomic purposes. In addition to distribution, the company has disinfection services.

Ecologically clean, high-tech solution "Elixir" plans to enter the market of Africa, Brazil and EU countries. The product is already on sale in Ukraine. At the same time, negotiations are underway to bring Elixir products to the EU market.

As a result of constant laboratory control, "Elixir" has been awarded international certificates in various fields:

Quality management ISO 9001; Food safety ISO 22 000; Environmental safety ISO 14 00; International Q quality mark, American certification NSF, ECHA All-EU permit for disinfectant production, etc.