Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Startup Develops Touchless Buttons

SENSOR.GE has developed the concept of sensor buttons. This project has won a small grants program of the Innovation and Technology Agency of the Georgian Economy. The company has already launched production, the Agency reports.

The startup has already started modifying and developing of various touchless buttons.

According to the company’s website, the startup has already manufactured touch buttons for elevators, because, as proved by international experience, this technology minimizes virus infections risks at elevators.

Therefore, touch buttons will replace the existing buttons or will be placed next to the existing buttons. To use the touch buttons, the users should only keep fingers in a 0.5-3 cm distance from the elevator button and the elevator will fulfill its function. It should be noted that the showcase touch buttons have been already installed at Tbilisi TechnoPark elevator. As part of the obtained grant, the company will install 200 similar buttons at various locations free of charge.