Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Rugby Union Partners with Neuropilot to Improve Athletes' Mental Health

A memorandum of cooperation was recently signed in Technopark between the Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia, the Rugby Union, and the startup "Neuropilot". The agreement was signed by GITA Chairman Avtandil Kasradze, Rugby Union Executive Director Tornike Gogebashvili, and Neuropilot founder Maia Tskitishvili.

Neuropilot is one of the successful projects that received co-financing grants from the Agency for Innovation and Technology. This innovative startup has developed a method that utilizes virtual reality technology to deliver short psychological sessions to athletes, providing relief from tension, injury, and post-traumatic fears. Moreover, it reduces heightened anxiety, increases motivation, self-confidence, and athletic readiness. The method has been thoroughly tested and proven to improve sports performance by enhancing the psychological mood of athletes.

Rugby is a popular sport globally, and it utilizes high-tech and innovative methods to ensure the well-being of its players. Thus, the collaboration between the Georgian Rugby Union and GITA is a natural and promising initiative. The Rugby Union aims to promote the innovation-based startup ecosystem in Georgia and will continue to do so in the future. Georgian rugby is the only team sport that has been successful in the World and European Championships, and it has a broad, global audience. The Union is, therefore, open to partnering with Georgian companies, particularly high-tech startups, which is a priority for the country.