Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian Onyx Wings Studio Releases its First Game - Mistcaller

Onyx Wings Studio is a Georgian startup that produces games, which we have already told you about once. Soon, on February 13, they will release their first game "Mistcaller", which recently attracted investors on Shark Tank.

As Irakli Cholokava told MVP, The action takes place in a mysterious, foggy world, where the main character, Eve, lost her memory and only knows that her little brother is in danger, tries to survive and save her brother. Along this difficult path, Eve learns to control the mist and acquires various powers. Although it seems that everything is clear from the beginning, in reality it is not so simple and during the course of the game, player has to expect many surprises. The situation is slowly becoming much different than it seemed at first.

''All of us in the team are gamers and we have played quite a lot of games, so we can say with confidence that the graphics, environment, design, history are very interesting and not inferior, or even better than foreign games of similar development. Also, one of our biggest advantages would be the music that plays in the background of the entire game. We want to show the audience a game soundtrack that we really like and we are very interested in your opinion.

In fact, we think that people of any age can play and enjoy it, because the game is quite addictive, does not require special knowledge or skills at the initial stage, and gradually becomes more difficult, which will be a challenge for every player,'' said the co-creator of the game. 

As Onyx Wings Studio's co-founder shares, the team wants to be the first Georgian company to enter the computer games market and succeed.