Posted: 5 days ago

Georgian Jewelry Brand KENE Plans to Open a Showroom

Georgian brand KENE offers customers high quality silver accessories for men and women, the design of which is specially created.

KENE was founded by Eka Sudadze and Nini Gogsadze, their goal was to produce high quality jewelry and offer it at an affordable price.

"We think we have successfully completed our task and offer customers affordable and relevant services, most importantly, specially designed jewelry. We were planning to open a new showroom, waiting for the appropriate situation and time for implementation.

At this stage, we are cooperating with one of the enterprises that makes accessories for us, but in the future we want to open our own enterprise. Unfortunately, there are regulations that restrict the shipment of precious metals abroad. However, we are working on this issue and are looking for ways to export our products, because the demand is quite high from different countries, "- said Nino Gogsadze with Business Partner.

The founder of the company says that working on refining its marketing strategy and developing online sales during the pandemic has helped boost sales and there has been quite good demand in this regard.

"We had problems at the beginning of the pandemic period, because due to the current situation, we had to suspend production for some time. However, during this period, the demand for online orders has increased so much that we have not had a case of decreasing sales. We care about the design of the brand and the visual side of how the products are presented.

To stimulate sales, we use different ways, we often have lottery type advertising, we periodically offer discounts to customers, etc. At this stage we successfully cooperate with the Georgian clothing brand -" Paraiso ", with whom we often offer customers joint projects," - says Eka Sudadze.