Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian HiTech Company Introduces Certified Disinfection Cabin Meeting All International Standards

The prototype of the product was installed at the Gagua Clinic a week ago and the test regime proceeds successfully.

The idea of manufacturing COVID-19 disinfection cabin was proposed by Georgian HiTech company KAYA, which started developing the technology together with Edison Tech Solutions. The mentioned cabin neutralizes viruses on human body.

Despite difficulties to develop a HiTech product in Georgia, in general, but two teams have united efforts and achieved the goal – fortunately, KAYA owns a plant in Georgia, where it is possible to manufacture any structure, device and facility, while Edison Tech is able to develop the brains for any devices and ensure their valuable management.

These companies have managed to print the framework through scanty resources, designed/created special tanks, designed and programmed the board and shaped a final product. By uniting all these components the companies have created technology that was certified by Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau. The latter proved taht the technology meets all standards running in the USA.

As noted by Edison Tech founder Givi Beridze, objective of both companies is to simplify the life to people and automate all processes, where doctors or other professionals have to spend much time today:

“The disinfection cabin or the respiratory device minimizes infecting and virus spread risks. In general, our objective is to develop those technologies and products in Georgia that are very expensive to import to our country”.

The disinfection cabin’s working principle is simple to understand, but in reality, this is a complex technology. On entering the cabin, a person crosses special sensors that turn on a compressor and special spray is emitted from sprinklers in tiny particles that do not harm skin and eye. These particles cover the whole body of a person and the virus dies. Furthermore, these particles shape a certain protective cover on the human body for a while.

The team has installed the prototype at the Gagua Clinic, where the device successfully operates in test regime. Final objective of the companies is to fully automate disinfection and thermal screening process. And this cabin will fulfill all the mentioned components, because it measures corporal temperature, manages queues, fulfills disinfection function and so on.

Soon, our cabin will appear in many plants, pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets and so on. COVID-19 does not seem to be going anywhere in the near future. Even if the virus weakens, the fact is that the new lifestyle has been established with permanent disinfection of hands and clothes and this new practice will protect us from any other viruses. Consequently, the disinfection cabin will never lose its relevance.