Posted: 6 months ago

Georgian Company Prints 3D Respiratory Valves to Assist Virus-Infected in Breathing

A lot of people are dying of pneumonia amid the coronavirus outbreak. These patients need ventilators to automatically take oxygen to the lungs.

These ventilators have special valves that are very expensive and the biggest problem is that manufacturers cannot supply them to hospitals in the shortest period.

Georgian company Edison Tech Solutions has introduced 3D-printed valves for infected patients. The prime cost of the valves is only several GEL.

Initially, the 3D draft was created by Italian specialists. This is the replica of the factory valves, it is connected with the ventilator together with the oxygen balloon. As a result, a lot of patients will be saved.

Fortunately, Georgia does not need similar interventions at this stage. Therefore, Edison Tech Solutions will fully engage in this issue and support both our and foreign countries. Only challenge is that ventilators of various brands have valves with various visuals. Consequently, Georgian valves will fit part of them. Therefore, we should make preparations in advance and start working on these issues together with hospitals”, the company founder Givi Beridze noted.