Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Brand of Natural Face and Body Care Products Plans to Expand Production

Georgian brand Kirke plans to expand production. Kirke offers customers natural, biodegradable soaps and cosmetics. Products without chemical additives are made by hand.

The company recently received GEL 20,000 in funding from Produce Georgia. Kirke founder Nana Tavkhelidze told Business Partner that she will use the grant to expand production and improve product design.

"The expansion of production also means the renewal of work equipment, such as soap molds, multi-purpose cutters, cosmetics machines, as well as drying racks and other necessary equipment to turn my space into a workshop that meets modern standards. Our products are sold in entrepreneurial markets, therefore we plan to add employees. By expanding production, the number of corporate orders will increase, which we will make faster than before," - said Nana Tavkhelidze.

At this stage, products under the Kirke brand are not exported, although the company has an active customer of up to 10 types of donkey milk soaps, which sell the soap abroad.

Kirke produces up to 15 types of body and facial healing soaps, as well as shampoos, face creams, hand and foot creams. The products are mainly made of Georgian raw materials, which users can be ordered on the Facebook page.

"I try to make products with Georgian raw materials, we use Georgian olive oil, donkey milk, silk protein, laurel, eucalyptus, lavender essential oils, grape seed oil and flour, etc.

I plan to list the products on the international online sales platform I also have a great desire to buy a plot of land in the future, where I will grow different types of plants and supply my brand with bio raw materials, ”said the brand's founder.

For information, the project was implemented with private investment. Nana Tavkhelidze has used 20 years of experience in a pharmaceutical company to create her own business and from 2018 offers customers a wide selection of natural face and body care products.