Posted: 4 months ago

Georgian Brand BOO Jewellery Invites You to the Future

The new collection of the Georgian brand BOO Jewelery- The Future will be available for purchase from mid-February.

Tamuna Jikia, the company's founder and creative director, told Business Partner that the design of the accessories is unique and so complex that each one takes a lot of time and energy, including the glasses, all the details of which are handmade.

"Recently we had a performance style show of the new collection The Future, in collaboration with Lela Chincharauli's paintings, which lasted 12 minutes, where also 12 jewelry and 12 paintings were presented. I would like to mention that both costumes and music were created especially for this day. I think in the future, people will abandon standard jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets and switch to non-standard accessories, so the slogan of the show was "Join us from the present to the future". We still receive positive reviews on that day. 

Although the full photo material of the collection has not been published yet and the public got acquainted with this collection only from the show or online, both in Georgia and abroad, there is a great demand, especially for glasses, and we try to put it on sale as soon as possible. Part of the collection is already on display at Flying Solo, one of Broadway stores in New York. We are actively working to present the new collection in all our showrooms as soon as possible, and especially in the Georgian showroom ", - says Tamuna Jikia.