Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian App Allows Farmers Hire Professional Agronomist Online

At the end of November, another test model of a new application will be launched in Georgia. It will cover agronomic services, which will be an Airbnb-type application for farmers.

The App will allow farmers in different countries to find a specialist, agronomist and online photo and video material in another country, get recommendations, diagnose, evaluate situations and, consequently, manage agronomic processes, most importantly remotely - without spending large resources.

"Imagine you need an agronomist... Naturally, there are countries where agronomic knowledge is not so effective. At this time there are also countries where agronomy and modern achievements are fully mastered, for example: the Netherlands, Spain, America, etc. This app will allow stakeholders in two different types of countries to connect with each other. The owner of the garden will be able to hire such a specialist remotely and, as a result of online exchange of materials, receive the same service for about 10 times less, ”said Irakli Chikava at, the author of the agronomic application idea.

According to Chikava, at the initial stage it is planned to test the application in ten countries. During this period, farmers will be able to find another farmers and start using the app. The application will be available simultaneously in several countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, North Africa and South America. Farmers will be involved, finding and contacting agronomists from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Israel as well.

"Surprisingly, there is no analogue of this application in the world. That is why the interest from different countries is growing day by day. Access to modern agronomic knowledge is very limited in Georgia, so it is necessary to import the relevant knowledge and then supply it to existing businesses. When we saw that a number of agronomic problems could be solved online and effectively, we decided to turn our experience into a business and an application," Irakli Chikava said.

Agronekt, a subsidiary of Agrosolution Group, is working on the application. At this stage, the initial investment belongs to the "Agrosolution Group", however, at the same time, negotiations are underway with investors.