Posted: 1 year ago

First Pearl Farm in Georgia - Experimental Business of Georgian Startup

The first pearl farm and locally made jewelry - The Pearl Club is a Georgian startup engaged in pearl cultivation, for which the startup has set up an experimental farm on the Tbilisi Sea.

The founders of the startup The Pearl Club, Ana Baratashvili and Mariam Gogiashvili talked to the "Business Partner" about the pearl farm and the future plans of the brand.

"The idea of ​​producing pearls in Georgia came up a year ago, during a trip to Thailand, where the I found myself on the so-called Pearl Island. I became interested in the process of growing pearls and decided to get to know this case better. I returned to Tbilisi with a few samples, on the advice of Thai technologists, and set out to build a farm on the Tbilisi Sea, which is experimental at this stage. Getting quality pearls requires a lot of hard work and energy, its formation takes about 2-7 years. Our goal is to produce Georgian pearls, ”said Mariam Gogiashvili.

The products of the brand The Pearl Club are currently made with pearls imported from Indonesia and Japan. Processing and decoration with silver details is already happening in Georgia. The works are characterized by individualism, designed for both women and men. The products are sold on FB and Instagram pages, but The Pearl Club website is in the process of preparation.

"Cultivation of pearls means the introduction of artificial particles into the mollusk, the rest of the process takes place just as naturally, without human intervention. We want to bring pearls and use them in our own design, there are quite a variety of choices in this regard. The brand includes many fields, jewelry, clothing, etc. of which the farm will be an integral part. The response is quite positive, which motivates us to do even more, "said Ana Baratashvili.