Posted: 5 months ago

Emorb - Largest Georgian NFT Project Supporting Local Charities from California

Irakli Mikiashvili, a Georgian entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley, California, is working on the largest Georgian NFT project, Emorb, which, in addition to its core business, aims to financially support by charitie funds in Georgia.

We are talking about assistance in the amount of about 100,000 GEL for orphans (one of the beneficiaries will be the project and for Georgian women fighting breast cancer (Giga Chikadze Foundation KnockOutCancer).

"Our project is Emotion Orbs - Emorbs. An emorb is a spherical body that expresses different emotions. The collection will feature 7777 unique NFTs that will be presented to the public with a variety of emotions and visuals. We decided to dedicate this project entirely to Georgia and turn it into a Georgian project. We have hired several Georgian Community Managers and we are going to support Georgian charities, "said Irakli Mikiashvili at Entrepreneur." We will help Georgian projects to succeed. Video tutorials will also be posted to make this area easier to understand. The project is quite large. We have been working on the project for about two months and we plan to put it on sale in the next 30-45 days. Creating a quality NFT project requires a lot of financial and human resources. It is too early to talk about exact amounts, but large, high-quality and technologically sound NFT projects are associated with large sums of money. In the NFT world, all information is open to the public, and when the project is launched, everyone can see the exact amount and everyone has the right to request an account if we have fulfilled our promise."

Irakli Mikiashvili (Mikey Villy) has been living in Silicon Valley, California for 10 years. He is a specialist in sales with many years of experience and at various times has headed the sales departments of several large corporations. Irakli has been trading stocks and cryptocurrencies for about ten years, and for the last 5 years, he has been interested in angel-investing and helping various technological and innovative startups grow and develop.

"I joined the NFT world in 2020 and started working on projects. It can be said that we were one of the first receivers of the NFT (Early Adopters). At this stage, we have sold up to 20,000 NFTs, three large projects have been fully sold and I am a participant in several other large projects, "- Irakli Mikiashvili.

In addition, Irakli is the founder and CEO of Level Up Silicon Valley and Cheesy California.

As for the current project team, it is a Georgian-American collaboration that brings together: the most talented Georgian artist and graphic designer Zuka Kobakhidze; Successful DJ and "Creator", Web 3.0 marketing specialist, Goshfather with a strong portfolio in the NFT space and film director, crypto investor from Los Angeles - Alex Papalexopoulos.

Source: Entrepreneur