Posted: 6 months ago

Elven Technologies Received a GEL 350,000 Grant from GITA

Within the framework of the 650,000 GEL grant program of the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology (GITA), the startup Elven Technologies received a GEL 350,000 grant.

The startup creates a fireproof uniform for the firefighter. In 2021, the company tested several prototypes. As a result of the experiments, Elven Technologies achieved five times longer protection (8 seconds vs 40 seconds) and twice as low weight (8 kg vs 16 kg.) The company cooperates with the Emergency Management Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At this point, Elven Technologies has completed the first wearable cooling system built into a fireproof uniform. The first tests of the cooling system showed that the 40-second protection can be increased to 15 minutes, which offers 100 times longer protection to the firefighters than the competitors, at the same time, it is still lighter than the existing uniforms.

In 2019, Startup became one of the winners of the Agency for Innovation and Technology's 100,000 GEL co-financing grant program. In 2020, Elven Technologies won the Gita 650,000 GEL grant program. Elven Technology's team then attracted a $ 95,000 investment in parallel with a GITA grant.