Posted: 1 year ago

Demand for Decorative Candles Grows on Georgian Market: New Brand Abigael

Abigael offers customers original decorative candles made in Georgia.

Tinatin Sikharulidze came up with the idea of starting a business during the pandemic and Abigael candles have been successfully sold on the market for about 2 months. As for her, despite the difficult period, the new venture has paid off.

"Abigael candles are ecologically clean and are made with anti-allergic products in compliance with hygiene norms. I order candle shapes, aromas and colors from different countries, and I buy paraffin in Georgia. In addition, we take into account the customer's wishes and work on individual orders. As for corporate orders, because public gatherings are banned due to the pandemic, we do not have orders for events, although in the future, we hope to position ourselves in the market in this regard.

Due to the fact that we are still a new company in the market, we are looking for different ways to send products abroad, as well as find partners in Georgia. Products are currently being sold online through the Facebook and Instagram platforms," said the company's founder.

The company also plans to expand in the future and add various handmade accessories. Also, to create a different gift set that will be acceptable to all categories of users.

"The demand for decorative candles on the market is high, so our goal is for more people to know us as a Georgian, affordable and quality brand. I implemented the project with private investment, with personal savings of the family. I plan to participate in the grant competition for the development of the brand in the future, ”said Tinatin Sikharulidze.