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Posted: 6 days ago

Cyber Lawyer Digitizing Legal Services within Reach of Everyone

Cyber Lawyer - this is the name of the digital legal product founded by Levan Gorelashvili and Roman Gorgoshidze. The goal of a digital lawyer is to decrease the need for human lawyers to be involved in the preparation of legal documents.

‘’A problem that Cyber Lawyer solves is access to legal services. Often, people or companies when performing a legal transaction (buying-selling-renting-services or other) do not or cannot consult a lawyer due to the high cost or failure to find a proper lawyer. 

In such cases, they agree verbally with the other party or, in the best case, by correspondence, but such agreements are, in most cases, imperfect and make it difficult to properly defend their positions in court. If legal services become cheap and easily accessible to users, naturally, more people will be able to use them, which, on the one hand, will create more legal protection, and, on the other hand, digitization and cheaper services will simplify the process of receiving services for users,’’ said Levan Gorelashvili at MVP. 

The ultimate goal of Cyber Lawyer is to create a website where the user can log in, select the document he wants, answer the questions needed to prepare it, and receive a digitally prepared legal document for him after paying a fee.

The Cyber ​​Lawyer startup consists of two founders (a lawyer and an IT developer) and outsourced employees. A group of up to 10 developers participated in the creation of the platform and handled the creation of this complex digital structure at a super professional level. As of today, the team is conducting negotiations on cooperation with re:invent founded by Pavle Mgeladze, which will help their startup to finally launch on the market and show rapid growth.

The preparation of the platform is complete. The test phase was successful, and Cyber Lawyer saw that the platform generates legal documents without errors, successfully establishing the connection between the user's answer and the legal record stored in its "brain". Now the lawyers are actively working on the documents, and the founders think that the website should be launched by the end of the year.