Posted: 1 year ago

Crosscreators – Startup that Offers Marketing Based on Augmented Reality

Today, the success of companies is largely determined by effective marketing. It is for this purpose that Ani Manjavidze and Dimitri Parapontov decided to create a startup that would offer businesses innovative marketing solutions based on augmented reality (AR). With this idea, they recently entered the 500Georgia acceleration program.

As Ani Manjavidze explains to, Marketing campaigns are becoming more and more ineffective as it becomes harder to capture the attention of consumers. However, this challenge is easy to deal with when a company implements augmented reality content into its strategy.

Augmented reality is not available to everyone, since professionals in this field are difficult to find, agencies are very expensive. In addition, such marketing requires a lot of time and resources.

With the help of Crosscreators, receiving AR content becomes accessible even to those who have never had contact with this technology and do not know how to use it.

After registering on the platform, the customer is given the opportunity to place an order and receive the desired AR content: from idea to execution.

What is also important, the startup's experts create any type of content - be it for social media (filters/effects), websites and/or apps.

''We won a government grant to build a prototype; We have been in the market for less than a year and since the beginning we have already seen 15-20% growth every month.

The first difficulty we encountered was the Russia-Ukraine war, since the co-founder of the startup and some of the team members are Ukrainians. However, we tried our best not to let this fact affect the business and despite the difficult situation, we worked together on our ideas,'' said the co-founder of Crosscreators, Ani Manjavidze. 

Crosscreators active users, the number of which is increasing day by day. They are actively represented in the European market and we are adding new, big partners and investors in order to grow even faster in the international market.

''We recently completed the Startup Wise guys XR acceleration, where we won among more than 2000 startups and were among the top 10 startups creating immersive products in the technologies of the future.

2 years ago, I participated in the first stream of 500Georgia as one of the winning startup marketing heads. Therefore, the benefits of this project were well known to me, and therefore I decided to participate this time with the team.

We hope that after the additional validation and hands-on education received within this program, we will be able to grow even faster in the international market, specifically - to establish ourselves in the United States market,'' said the co-founder of the startup.

At this point, the main goal of Crosscreators is to capture the American market, since it is the most ready for their services. Today, Crosscreators already has organic customers in this market and tehy want to increase their number even more.