Posted: 1 year ago

Convobridge Removes Communication Barriers for People with Disabilities

Millions of people worldwide have vision and hearing problems — as of 2020, 43 million people are blind and T70 million are hard of hearing. They face communication problems in their daily life and many barriers when integrating into society.

It was this issue that prompted Giorgi Zoidze and Giorgi Bukia to come up with an application that would help people with disabilities to reveal their potential. The app that's being developed is called Convobridge. The idea has already attracted attention and the team has become a finalist of the Social Impact Award.

Convobridge is a messenger app with a voice keyboard, voice text message and AI gesticulation translator. It removes communication barriers and facilitates access to information, which is especially important for people with disabilities. However, Convobridge is not only created for them - with the help of the application but companies and organizations are also given the opportunity to create a more inclusive environment.

"This problem has existed in society for a long time. A large number of blind and deaf people find it difficult to integrate into the social environment, and we were also concerned about this fact. Perhaps there are components of their challenges that we do not know well, although we have sympathy for this issue, and I think this is the most important thing", says Giorgi Zoidze.

The Convobridge concept is being developed within the framework of the Social Impact Award. This time, the team is making future plans and writing a strategy for the technical development of the application.

"We figured that participation in this project would help us to easily reach the real product," says the team.

For Convobridge, participation in the Social Impact Award is a kind of test. As Giorgi Zoidze notes, with the help of the project, they observe how much others see the need for their product.

"We believe that SIA 2022 will help us better define the concept and hear the critical opinion of others about the product. Also, we will be given the opportunity to meet mentors and other teams, to acquire new contacts. Such projects allow startups to look at the issue they are working on from a different perspective. Most importantly, we communicate with other social enterprises. For the strengthening of the startup ecosystem, it is very important to be close to each other", says Giorgi Bukia.

Convobridge is eager to create even more innovative products. "Our long-term vision is to help organizations increase social responsibility and increase the level of inclusiveness," says the team.